ZIWI Pinnacle achieved great results in the 23rd Asian Pet Club

As the most eye-catching award and the highest honor in China's pet industry, PFA AWARDS has a "hundred-person expert jury" composed of industry associations, senior practitioners, and industry media, all industry players and consumers in the 23rd Asia Pet Expo this year. , Combined with voting on WeChat, ZIWI has won the unanimous recognition of the organizer’s expert judges and consumers by virtue of its high-quality brand quality and good social response. It has stood out from many brands and won the "2020 Tmall Pet "Best New Brand" title.

On August 19, 2020, the 23rd Asia Pet Expo kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the largest and most influential pet industry flagship exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, it has experienced 22 years of accumulation and precipitation, and continuous innovation The breakthrough has now become the preferred platform for comprehensive pet trade in the Asia-Pacific region that integrates brand display, industrial chain integration, and cross-regional trade.

The peak of ZIWI Ziyi also arrived this year. After careful preparation, the interactive link adopted the "online + offline" approach. In the on-site exhibition hall, a wealth of products were exhibited, and a pleasant interactive session was designed for the exhibition. The person has prepared a lot of benefits. Online, cute pet bloggers are especially invited to start a live broadcast, start the "Online Cute Pet Encounter", and meet the fans who are not present in the cloud, and "cloud visit" the Asian Pet Expo together. The exhibition lasted for 3 days (August 19-21). The ZIWI Summit Pavilion attracted many exhibitors. The staff always communicated with everyone with a enthusiastic attitude and patiently explained the features and advantages of the exhibits.


ZIWI was founded in 2004. As a local company in New Zealand, it adheres to the concept of natural pet whole food and insists on the development of natural pet food with high meat content. The ingredients are 100% from New Zealand and use natural fresh animal meat, shellfish and seafood. High nutritional value, making healthy food for pets. Products are exported to 19 countries. In addition to high-end shopping malls, pet stores, and organic stores, ZIWI also sells online in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea and other countries.

ZIWI has developed steadily in recent years and has achieved remarkable results. It has successively won the Reader's Choice Award of the famous American pet professional magazine "Pet Age", the U.S. Pet Industry Commendation Award, the PATS Sandown trade show cat food category Best New Product Award, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Award finalists nominated, Pet Product News US Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, Large Exporter Award from the American Chamber of Commerce. Numerous honors are the social recognition of ZIWI's peak, and it is the driving force for ZIWI's peak.

Pet Club

The 23rd Asia Pet Expo is a grand event for the industry and a journey of harvest. ZIWI will take this exhibition as an opportunity, and take the achievements in this exhibition as a new starting point. The pet industry provides more precise services to contribute to the prosperity and development of the pet industry!

Post time: Dec-13-2021